School Climate Briefs

School Climate Briefs is a periodic alert on the latest topics in the field and includes detailed commentaries from experts in the field on key school climate topics.

School Climate Brief, No. 6

Volume 6 in this issue

This December 2012 Brief updates NSCC's 2011 report State Policies on School Climate and Bully Prevention Efforts: Challenges and Opportunities for Deepening State Policy Support for Safe, Supportive and Civil Schools ( This Brief provides a summary of State level: (i) anti-bullying legislation; (ii) school climate policies; (iii) funding trends; (iv) disciplinary practice trends; and (v) federally supported school climate efforts.

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School Climate Brief, No. 5

Volume 5 in this issue

Dr. Nader reviews the range of factors and process that—tragically—support or prevent school violence. Nader details how school climate, leadership styles, school size, interpersonal conflict levels, student learning and achievement, interpersonal relations at school as well as at home, multiculturalism, feeling safe or not, bully-victim-bystander behavior and other ‘forces’ relate to school violence as well as how safe, supportive, engaging and democracy informed schools serve to assist prevention. Nader shows how safety is enhanced by mutually positive, respectful, and supportive relationships as well as by the active, vigilant and visible presence of caring adults. Research on averted school shootings helps to support the importance of connection. Intervention programs that focus on the entire student body rather than only on individual bullies and that include parents have proven effective in the U.S.

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School Climate Brief, No. 4

Volume 4 in this issue

Building on the National School Climate Council’s consensually developed definition of “school climate” and a “positive and sustained school climate” this school climate brief describes how the Council’s consensually developed a definition of the school climate improvement process.

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School Climate Brief, No. 3

Volume 3 in this issue

This 2012 school climate research summary builds on and significantly adds to our 2010 research summary. There has been an explosion of interest in school climate in America and abroad. This Research Brief summarizes this work.

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School Climate Brief, No. 2

Volume 2 in this issue

There is growing interest in school climate standards. This Brief presents a range of reactions, suggestions and criticisms about the National School Climate Standards from building, district, state and national leaders in education.

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School Climate Brief, No. 1

Volume 1 in this issue

Over the past two decades, researchers and educators have increasingly recognized the importance of K-12 school climate. This summary builds on our 2009 school climate research summary (Cohen, McCabe, Michelli, & Pickeral, 2009) and details how school climate is associated with and/ or promotes safety, healthy relationships, engaged learning and teaching and school improvement efforts. With a few exceptions, the citations in this issue represent empirical studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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