What Other Have Said

"My colleague and I attended the NSCC summer Institute. It had a great impact on us; transformational in fact. It helped us make sense of what were trying to accomplish and gave us very useful, theoretical information, as well as practical ideas that we were able to implement the next school year. We went on to make significant change in our school, and the work continues to this day."
—Thomas Babits
Head, Primary Years Division
Upper Canada College
"I believe that being socially, emotionally, and ethically literate in a school setting means that we need to be able to decode the behavior of ourselves and others by being understanding, sensitive, and accepting of others. We need to demonstrate and model those behaviors and attitudes that we want others to internalize. Lastly, we need to be reflective practitioners who accept the responsibility for being contributing members of a professional learning community where everyone is committed to learning, growing, and achieving together. The NSCC Summer Institutes allowed me to translate this vision into a reality."
—Cecile Wren
Past Middle School Principal
Educational Consultant
"NSCC's institute excelled where many others stumble: bridging the gap between academic/education research and classroom application. I attended with a general understanding of the importance of this work. I left with strategies for implementation at the school level and a sense of urgency for its purpose. I want to thank NSCC staff for creating a challenging, enlightening and most importantly deeply practical three day institute."
—Chase Davenport
Director of School Assessment & Evaluation
California Charter School Association
"As a Youth Development Manager in the NYC DOE, I have had the opportunity to attend many institutes and conferences but NSCC's Summer Institute ranks as the best one that I have attended. It was an educationally wonderful, falling event that helped our team think concretely and productively about a range of instructional and systemic school improvement issues. I drove in every day with colleagues and we would discuss topics that came up the day before. In the afternoon, after we left, we would discuss topics that came up during that day's session. The last day of the Institute, it was very emotional as we shared things that we had learned and then said goodbye to people that we had never met but we had now connected so closely with. I plan to return next summer and I will be sure to invite more colleagues."
—Paul Forbes
Youth Development Manager, Integrated Service Center
Manhattan, New York City Department of Eduation
"NSCC's Summer Institute was an opportunity to become immersed in the knowledge, experience and commitment of a diverse, enthusiastic and wise celebration of national and international educators. At the end of the week, I felt refreshed, excited and inspired. It is such a rich and rewarding opportunity. It is an honor and a privilege to enjoy a summer experience in which we can meet together, feast at the banquet that is Summer Institute, and leave each other feeling enriched and enlivened by our engagement. What a wonderful tonic with which to refresh ourselves for the brilliant, yet sometimes bruising work we are all so deeply committed to doing. Bravo!"
—Daughn Lee
School Social Worker
Central Park East Middle School, NYC Department of Education
"NSCC's Summer Institute , Educating Minds and Hearts, provided me an opportunity to network and learn from the presenters as well as the participants. The format of the institute allowed for a wealth of knowledge to be shared, discussed and reflected upon. Of particular interest to me was NSCC's school climate survey (CSCI) because it reflects the increasingly large body of research about the impact of school climate on academic achievement and social competency, but the scope of the institute allowed me to explore many other related topics. I look forward to next year!"
—Holly Blum
"I came to the Summer Institute curious to learn what Social Emotional Learning (SEL) was all about and how the Arts and creative expression fit into the philosophy. I left feeling inspired and enriched with a greater understanding of how all aspects of a child's environment and education are opportunities for nurturing support and growth. The staff and faculty were engaging, knowledgeable and truly interested in being sure each attendee was getting what they needed out of the Institute. To top it off, the other attendees, fellow teachers, administrators and educators, were equally inspiring, intelligent and insightful. I highly recommend attending the NSCC Summer Institute, especially if you are interested in building community and enlivening your approach to students and teaching."
—Aline Gittleman
Upper School Art Department, The Baldwin School
"I attended NSCC's FIRST Summer Institute. I found the week an incredible learning experience, and cannot tell you how many times I have "returned to the well" of that institute. The presentations and workshops helped me to re-frame my own vision of theological and religious education with a social AND emotional perspective, and conversely to look at many of the new discoveries in the neurosciences and clinical psychology through a theological prism. Over the years it has allowed me to create all kinds of new conversations with theologians, K-12 educators, and several religious publishing houses, not to mention a host of academics with little use for the traditions of historical religions. I am very grateful to NSCC for the work they developing this area. Many of the so-called "faith-science" debates would find more fruitful areas of discussion if participants on both sides of the debates took a serious look at the social and emotional learning insights disseminated so effectively for educators by NSCC."
—Mark S. Markuly, Ph.D.
Dean, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University