Professional Development

NSCC’s On-site Staff Development Workshops, Keynotes and Institutes support schools, districts, networks of schools and State Departments of Education promoting school climate improvement efforts and social, emotional and civic education.

NSCC has already become one of the nation's leading organizations that synthesize information for parents and educators invested in further children's healthy years...
—James Comer, M.D.
Associate Dean and Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale Medical School
NSCC’s Professional Development Offerings are focused on supporting schools achieving the following five goals:
  • Developing a shared vision and plan for promoting, enhancing and sustaining a positive school climate.
  • Defined practices are identified, supported and prioritized to provide high quality support for and engagement in teaching, learning, and positive youth development, and insuring equity of opportunity.
  • The school intentionally promotes the development of social, emotional, civic and intellectual skills and dispositions, and also addresses barriers to learning and teaching.
  • People create an environment where school community members are welcomed, supported, and feel safe in school: socially, emotionally, and physically.
  • Students and staff develop practices, activities and norms that are meaningful and engaging and that promote social and civic responsibilities and a commitment to social justice.