Staff Development Workshops

NSCC offers a variety of professional development programs and services to help K-12 schools, after school settings, educators, parent advocate groups and states to support sustained school improvement and social, emotional and civic learning.

NSCC faculty are a group of expert educators and school-based mental health professionals ready to design workshops, consultants or conferences for your school or district.

NSCC is invested in understanding and meeting the needs of your school community. We offer a range of workshops:
  • Two to three hour meetings that provide information, awareness, and training in the areas described here.
  • Workshop series designed to promote skills and action plans as well as learning about theory, research and best practices.
  • Working with networks of schools that decide to work and learn together about school climate improvement efforts and social, emotional and civic learning.

Recent research on high quality professional development (PD) from the National Staff Development Council has underscored the importance of extended PD that is connected to the real problems and practices that you are experiencing now. NSCC’s PD offerings are aligned with these findings are focused on developing communities of learners and democratic discourse.

If you want to learn more about NSCC’s school climate assessment services, click here.

School Climate Improvement Staff Development Offerings

School climate improvement is a continuous process. NSCC offers the following workshops and on-site staff development on the following topics. Depending on your needs, these topics can range from a awareness raising sessions, to full or multi day workshops that promote skills as well as awareness raising to year long networks where several schools work and learn together: