Programs & Services

NSCC offers a variety of professional development programs and services to support K-12 schools, after school settings, educators, parent advocate groups and states to support sustained school climate improvement efforts.

I see the work of NSCC as state-of-the-art in social-emotional learning, a crucial contributor to the worldwide movement to educate the whole child.
—Daniel Goleman
Author, Emotional Intelligence
Integral to all of these programs and services are the following key guiding principles:
  • Promoting children's social, emotional and civic as well as intellectual abilities and dispositions, is a critical dimension in the overall educational framework for student success
  • Fostering collaboration and communication between and among teachers, administrators, school-based mental health professionals, parents and students to create a climate for learning: healthy, safe, engaged, supportive and challenging schools, homes and communities.

Our workshops can be held on or off-site. We also have education experts available to present keynote addresses, panel discussions, or long-term consultations with school leaders and other clients.

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