Measuring School Climate (CSCI)

The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) is a nationally-recognized school climate survey that provides an in-depth profile of your school community’s particular strengths and needs. With the CSCI, you can quickly and accurately assess student, parent, and school personnel perceptions, and get the detailed information you need to make informed decisions for lasting improvement.

The CSCI school climate survey is an empirically validated tool that has been used by thousands of educators, students, and parents nationwide. To learn more about the research and design of the CSCI, click here.

Find out more about the CSCI below or download the CSCI Features and Benefits for easy reference.

We selected the CSCI because it really fit our need to get a whole‐school profile — some staff members said it seemed specifically written for our school.
— Milena Garganigo
Assistant Principal, Wydown Middle School (CSCI 2008)

What the CSCI Measures

The CSCI measures thirteen essential dimensions of a healthy school climate in five broad categories: safety, teaching and learning, interpersonal relationships, social media, and the institutional environment as well as two distinct dimensions for personnel only. View the full list of dimensions measured by the CSCI.

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The School Climate Portal

Every school has access to a secure, online portal that includes step-by-step guidelines for administration, form letters to aid in outreach, real-time response rates, best practices from the field, and detailed worksheets for focused prioritizing and action planning based on results. See a sample of key portal features.

CSCI School Report

Your school's findings are presented in a customized report that provides concrete data, easy-to-read graphs and presentation tools to aid in the creation of targeted action plans for sustained and measurable school-wide improvement. This report presents a detailed whole-school profile of core strengths and potential areas of need, based on the twelve dimensions. View sample sections of the full report.

The Five Stage Improvement Process

NSCC provides a full range of support materials and on-staff guidance to schools as they work through the process to ensure success. Learn more about NSCC's five stage improvement process.

Professional Development Services

In addition, NSCC offers customized workshop, training, and professional development supports to guide schools through the improvement process. To view a list of available services, visit our professional development section.