Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle Tool Kit

The Breaking the Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle Tool Kit the foundation for our safe, supportive and civil schools efforts with schools, districts, networks of schools and State Departments of Education.

Mean, cruel and/or bullying behavior is always a social act: there is virtually never a bully and a victim without witnesses. When we work to transform school communities from a culture of bystanders to a culture of Upstanders, we are not only promoting comprehensive and effective bully prevention efforts, we are, just as importantly, promoting the skills, knowledge and dispositions that provide the foundation for an engaged and responsible democratic citizenry.

This Tool Kit is both practical and comprehensive. It includes five modules that support students, educators, parents and community members learning and working together to prevent bullying and promote Upstander behavior. It is organized around the following ideas, essential questions, guidelines and tools (e.g. protocols, rubrics)
  1. Developing a shared vision about what kind of school you want your school to be?
  2. Assessing your schools current strengths and needs in a comprehensive, reliable and valid manner;
  3. Supporting Principal leadership;
  4. Teaching and learning with students in classrooms, Advisories and other small group experiences;
  5. Individual efforts that range from ‘one-on-one’ moments with students who may be acting in mean, cruel and/or bullying ways to strategies that enhance essential parent/educator/mental health professional partnerships;
  6. Supporting school-home-community partnerships that prevent the bully-victim-bystander cycle and promote Upstander behavior.

Breaking the Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle Tool Kit flyer

The Breaking the Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle Tool Kit learning module. This ten session learning module is one important component of NSCC’s new School Climate Resource Center