What is Social and
Emotional Learning?


You are a social, emotional, ethical and civic teacher to your children. Intentionally or not, whenever we interact with our child(ren), we are teaching them social, emotional and civic lessons. What are the 'lessons' that you want your child(ren) to learn? What kind of person do you want them to become? What kinds of opportunities do you want for them? What are the skills, knowledge and beliefs that you are promoting with your child(ren)?

Below you will find a variety of resources including newsletters, fact sheets, guidelines, booklets and multimedia presentations that offer suggestions on ways we as parents can enhance our ability promote our children's social emotional abilities.

Parent Fact Sheet: Social and Emotional Learning at Home. Social and emotional learning approaches "enable individuals to recognize and manage emotions, develop caring and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish and maintain positive relationships, and handle challenging situations effectively"
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Early Warning Signs of Troubling Behavior—There are early warning signs of student/youth distress of which we need to be aware. Consciously or unconsciously, students who are in trouble virtually always let others know of their unhappiness...
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Talking to our children about Violence and Terrorism: Living in Anxious Times—Since the September 11 attack America has changed. Children and adults alike live with a new level of anxiety. Terrorism is a new threat that we are all doing our best to understand and adjust to. In addition, too many children continue to live with the threat of physical as well as social-emotional violence on a daily basis! This guide explores some of the common questions that children as well as adults have about how to respond.
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Parents and Learning—This booklet focuses on parents-the child's first and most powerful teachers. The author is Sam Redding, who is executive director of the Academic Development Institute and editor of the School community journal.
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