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Integrating Prosocial Learning

Student Discipline: A Prosocial Perspective

Integrating Prosocial Learning with Education Standards

Integrating Prosocial Learning with Education Standards demonstrates how to meet educational standards that privilege cognitive aspects of learning while also advancing prosocial or Whole Child efforts (e.g., social emotional learning, character education, and mental health promotion). The book utilizes agrowing body of research to reveal effective ways to implement a curriculum that integrates social, emotional, ethical, and civic aspects of learning with required state standards, and a wide range of "real world" examples describe how any school, anywhere, can lay a foundation for all young people to succeed.

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Student Discipline: A Prosocial Perspective

Student Discipline: A Prosocial Perspective

Disciplinary practices support learning or tragically undermine children’s healthy development and success. Today, too much of disciplinary policy and practice is punitive, unhelpful and ‘feeds’ the high school to prison pipeline. Student Discipline: A Prosocial Perspective is a terribly important book for practice and policy leaders who are invested in making schools a place that support life as well as school success. I highly recommend this book to you. (Jonathan Cohen, PhD, president, National School Climate Center)

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